Enterprise Heritage Center
Our Grand Opening on October 18 was a rousing success!  Thanks to all those who came to support us and discover the wonders of history in our museum.
The Enterprise Heritage Center was created by a
community that came together and built it with their own hands.
It belongs to all of us. 

From the early 1840s to the turn of the century, Lake Monroe and its cypress-lined shores teeming with wildlife attracted a stream of visitors and settlers who traveled up the St. Johns River. However, long before, a diverse population of native Floridians had thrived along these riverbanks for thousands of years. University of Florida researchers have found evidence of native settlement along the lake 6,200 years before present time. ... » READ MORE


The Enterprise Heritage Center is in the last stages of restoration efforts to open the building as a museum and community center - all of this is made possible through the support of  loyal members, numerous individual donations, and grants from:


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